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nanny solutions about nikki Nikki Levinson, Founder

Nanny Solutions was founded by Nikki Levinson with a different approach to domestic staffing.  After a successful career as a media buyer, Nikki took time to raise her 3 children.  After the birth of her oldest children, twin boys, she knew she needed full-time help. After many frustrating hours spent interviewing, she was successful. Having gone through that experience, and assisting many friends in their search for qualified nannies, Nikki recognized a hole in the marketplace for accessible, high quality home care for babies, children and elders. Hence the creation of Nanny Solutions.


Nanny Solutions places trust and relationships above all. Dedication to detail is paramount in our efforts toward placement. We seek to find the best and most qualified applicants for our clients, by listening to and working with our applicants to find the most comfortable match, for not only our families but also our nannies and other service professionals.


We do not retain fees from our placed applicants as our calling is more than just the bottom line. We know that our work has a significant impact on the lives we touch, we treat that with the greatest respect and deference.


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